Corsets, lace, pearls, music.
Unintentional cuteness, millinery skills, head full of song lyrics and foreign words.
Memento mori and the macabre.
You can call me Anna.

A Finnish milliner living in London blogging alternative fashion, beautiful headwear, macabre artwork, random things and the occasional Michael Jackson.

I also run a store (inactive at the moment) called Cobweb Millinery which specializes in alternative headwear. You can check out the store on Etsy or by clicking here.



Victorian Ghost Photography

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Photographer: Anna MyśliwczykModels: Desdemona de’Ville, Adam Najman(x)

Photographer: Anna Myśliwczyk
Models: Desdemona de’Ville, Adam Najman

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Favourite FashionAlexander McQueen, Pre-Fall 2012

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"I can speak six languages, yet I can’t find the words to describe how much I miss you."

My mind, at this very moment.

Handmade sugar skulls by Dem Bones

Handmade sugar skulls by Dem Bones

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 monika horcicova 3D prints the wheel of life skeletal sculpture

made from 3D printed pieces, ‘the wheel of life’ by czechdesigner monika horcicova is a skeletal sculpture that is based on a symbol of infinity. the round structure refers to the repeated cycle of conception and death, with walking legs used to evoke the image of people in motion. the idea explores the fragility of human bones, which despite this are able to carry the weight of the whole human figure during its life. the plaster composite pieces were 3D printed and then placed in a form and casted in a polyurethane resin, the individual pieces were then assembled into a single object.

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What do you guys do to distract yourself from negative thoughts and stressful things?

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Gothic-2 by SilentHowling

Gothic-2 by SilentHowling

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