Corsets, lace, pearls, music.
Unintentional cuteness, millinery skills, head full of song lyrics and foreign words.
Memento mori and the macabre.
You can call me Anna.

A Finnish milliner living in London blogging alternative fashion, beautiful headwear, macabre artwork, random things and the occasional Michael Jackson.

I also run a store (inactive at the moment) called Cobweb Millinery which specializes in alternative headwear. You can check out the store on Etsy or by clicking here.



My lovely boys and ghouls, this one’s for you!

I have gotten so many questions today and so many new followers, it’s unbelievable!
I don’t keep a close track of the number of my followers but I just noticed I have broken the 800 mark some time ago!

Thank you all so much for being amazing <3

(I couldn’t make the gif small enough to be posted a photo, sorry :<)

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    Just look at how adoreable Anna is! ^ :D
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    Right back at ya, you wonderful lady
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    You are far too perfect for words. Absolutely beautiful in every way
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