Corsets, lace, pearls, music.
Unintentional cuteness, millinery skills, head full of song lyrics and foreign words.
Memento mori and the macabre.
You can call me Anna.

A Finnish milliner blogging alternative fashion, beautiful headwear, macabre artwork, random things and the occasional Michael Jackson.

I also run a sideblog dedicated solely to my millinery work. You can check out the blog by clicking here.



My lovely boys and ghouls, this one’s for you!

I have gotten so many questions today and so many new followers, it’s unbelievable!
I don’t keep a close track of the number of my followers but I just noticed I have broken the 800 mark some time ago!

Thank you all so much for being amazing <3

(I couldn’t make the gif small enough to be posted a photo, sorry :<)

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    You are far too perfect for words. Absolutely beautiful in every way
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